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Our experience and knowledge in Private Banking means we provide private clients with the most comprehensive wealth offering in the Irish market. This includes market information and opinions including the Global Investment Wrap Up and ‘The Investor’. 

Where will the future returns come from?

The Investor

The Investor January 2017

• 2016 is a strong year for investment performance, despite a few surprise bouts of market volatility

• The global economy improved as we approached year end, expect growth to gently accelerate in 2017. Inflation should remain reasonably low over the medium term but could temporarily climb to uncomfortable levels in 2017

• 2017 promises to be another year where risk assets (equities, corporate bonds, commercial property) can grind higher, outperforming cash deposits and government bonds

The Investor January 2017

The Investor December 2016

  • A triumph of investor resilience
  • Economic Outlook 2017 - Politics muddy the economic waters
  • Equity Market Outlook

The Investor December 2016

The Investor January 2016

  • 2015 - Investors negotiate a tricky year
  • Economic Outlook 2016 - Regional contrasts herald a year of sluggish growth in 2016
  • 2016 - The year where Wall Street meets Main Street

The Investor January 2016

The Investor August 2015

  • Amid the bumps, investors keep the faith
  • Economic recovery continues despite the setbacks
  • Market Outlook: If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it
  • Conclusion: Still some life left in this bull market

The Investor August 2015

Global Investment Wrap Up

Global Investment Wrap Up Q1 2017:

Wrap Up Q1 2017

Global Investment Wrap Up Q3 2017:

Wrap Up Q3 2017

Global Investment Wrap Up Q4 2016:

Wrap Up Q4 2016

Global Investment Wrap Up Q3 2016:

Wrap Up Q3 2016

Global Investment Wrap Up Q2 2016:

  • BREXIT blues disturb the second quarter recovery
  • Contrasting fortunes across the financials, energy stocks rally with oil
  • Bond market outlook
  • A mixed quarter for alternative market

Wrap Up Q2 2016

Global Investment Wrap Up Q1 2016

  • Rollercoaster first quarter ends on a firm note
  • Structural change aplenty in the equity market
  • A good quarter for bonds
  • Alternatives market not immune to wider market malaise
  • Another solid quarter for commercial property in Europe

Wrap Up Q1 2016

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  • Pulled Health Care Act means bruised egos but little else!

    President Trump’s decision to pull his American Health Care Act bill late on Friday was seen by some as an early referendum on his policy agenda. However we wouldn’t agree with such a blunt assessment. In reality Trump was unlikely to ever get much (if any) Democratic support to overturn a healthcare policy that more than anything else symbolised the Obama administration.

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  • No surprises from the Fed, Rutte victory a ‘shot in the arm’ for European investors

    As expected the US Federal Reserve last night voted to increase US interest rates by 0.25%. In truth little emerged that would cause investors to alter their views on the trajectory for interest rate moves in 2017 and 2018.

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  • Draghi sticks to the script, but some crumbs of hope for the hawks

    This afternoon the European Central Bank kept all its key interest rates unchanged. In his statement President Draghi reaffirmed the ECB’s forward guidance, saying that interest rates will stay at present or lower levels for an extended period and well past the end of its Quantitative Easing program. On the inflation outlook he again reiterated his previous comment that there was no convincing upward trend in underlying inflation.

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  • Strong performance from the Irish economy in 2016 but 'once offs' cloud the picture again

    This morning the Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the National Accounts for Q4 2016

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  • Trump’s Congress speech – long on aspiration, short on detail

    Investors eagerly awaited President Trump’s speech to Congress last night for any detail on his tax, trade and healthcare reform plans in particular. Unfortunately there was nothing for them to chew on with the speech largely just reiterating Trump’s broad vision on all these issues.

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  • Conditional Probabilities and the French Presidential Election

    Last week we penned our thoughts on how the French Presidential Election might pan out. Overall we suggested that Marine Le Pen will need to see a significant increase in her vote and/or voter participation in the election would need to be quite low in order for her to emerge victorious. Still, given last year’s events and the growing likelihood Le Pen will qualify for the second round ‘run off’ vote for President, one can’t rule out the probability of a Le Pen victory.

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  • Our take on the latest in European politics

    With national elections scheduled in France, Germany, the Netherlands and possibly Italy in 2017, politics is never likely to be too far from the minds of investors in European assets in 2017. Below we provide a current update on the state of play on near term events in the Netherlands, France and Italy.

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  • A busy few days for the key central banks

    Last week was a busy one for central bank activity with the Fed, Bank of England and Bank of Japan all holding monetary policy meetings. None of the banks changed interest rates but that doesn't mean there was nothing for investors to digest.

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  • Yellen rolls with the (Trump) punches

    Last night’s decision by the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 0.25% was arguably the least interesting part of the FOMC meeting and press conference given it had been priced in as a virtual certainty by investors. The more interesting aspect was what happened the Fed’s ‘dot plot’ or members’ projections for changes in the Fed funds rate over the next few years.

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  • Irish GDP/GNP Q3 2016 – Exceptionally strong performance, but largely due to ‘once offs’

    This morning the Central Statistics Office (CSO) published the national accounts for Ireland for the third quarter of 2016. Overall they showed that real GDP and GNP grew by 4% and 3.2% respectively in the quarter meaning over the past twelve months they grew by 6.9% and 10.2% respectively (see table 1).

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