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Established in 1989, Bank of Ireland Private Banking is Ireland’s largest and oldest private bank. The country’s leading entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals and families trust us to manage their wealth, with discretion.

Our experience and knowledge in Private Banking are second to none and we provide private clients with the most comprehensive wealth offering in the Irish market.

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    • Q1 2014 – A reasonable result for investors, all things considered…….

      The first quarter of 2014 contained some surprises which few investors would have foreseen as they returned to their desks in January. Who would have thought that equities would underperform government bonds, particularly in light of equities’ strong momentum entering the year and the ongoing Quantitative Easing (QE) taper in the US which should have held government bond markets in check? Similarly, who would have predicted that commodities and Japanese equities would have been the best and worst performers in the quarter (see table 1 below), a sharp role reversal from the trend on view in 2013?

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    • Q4 2013 - Irish National Accounts

      At a headline level investors might be a little disappointed with the Q4 National Accounts which were released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) this morning. Irish GDP was 2.3% lower in the fourth quarter meaning that for the year as a whole Irish GDP fell by 0.3%.

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    • Markets bounce back in February but Emerging Market concerns linger

      February proved to be a better month for investors as markets recovered strongly following a difficult opening to 2014. World equity markets returned almost 3% in euro terms while bond and commodity markets also posted gains.

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    • Russia and the Ukraine - what should investors make of events?

      Winston Churchill’s comment that Russia was “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, could easily have been applied to the Ukraine in recent days. From an investor’s perspective, it’s best to focus on two key angles associated with the crisis: •Firstly, what options exist for the Ukrainian economy and does the crisis have broader ramifications for emerging markets? and, •Secondly, how might the political calculus develop and how might this affect investment markets?

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    • Investors nurse a January hangover

      Investment markets hit a speed bump in January with equity markets in particular struggling.World stock markets lost around 2% in euro terms over the month although a weaker euro helped mitigate investor losses.

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    • WSJ This is the most expensive car at the @NYAutoShow. Price tag: $845,000. #NYIAS (Bloomberg)

    • WSJ Check out today's front page: #WSJPage1

    • WSJ McDonald's is giving its restaurants in China a makeover, including adding more rice dishes to the menu.

    • WSJ Today's ambitious women look for husbands who are collaborators, not traditional breadwinners.

    • WSJ Captain was among the first to abandon sinking South Korean ship.

    • WSJ As South Korean ferry disaster unfolded, anguished parents made final goodbyes.

    • WSJ USDA to require pork industry to report deadly Swine virus.

    • BloombergNews Revisit GM's historic appointment of Mary Barra as the company's first female CEO:

    • WSJ A man stands in front of a large ship grounded by Typhoon Haiyan. (Getty)

    • WSJ RT @AlastairGale: Captain, two crew in ferry tragedy charged with abandoning ship without aiding passengers first. Latest update: http://t....

    • BloombergNews The U.S. government is still moving forward with license plate-tracking technology:

    • WSJ Lawsuits over Lululemon yoga pants are deemed too flimsy.

    • WSJ California farmers to get more water.

    • WSJ RT @Saunderswsj: The IRS paid $38 million to one tax whistle-blower last year, and divided $15 million among 121 others:

    • BloombergNews VIDEO: The quest to build the world's best national park:

    • WSJ RT @lesliescism: Income inequality and car insurance? Treasury office looks at affordability of auto policies for low-income consumers http...

    • WSJ Astronomers discovered a planet nearly the size of Earth orbiting a far star where water might exist: (NASA)

    • BloombergNews How high is demand for welders to work in the shale boom on the U.S. Gulf Coast? Very.

    • @TRowePrice Recap of this week's activity across equity, fixed income and international markets. #MarketWrapUp

    • WSJ A look at Gillette's soon-to-be-released FlexBall razor:

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    The sector needs to be treated with caution and investors must dig a little deeper to find value

    Deirdre Timmons Fund Manager

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